Sale and wine tasting in ‘Sod Hayain’ shop in Tirat Yehuda. By appointment
Chardonnay 2007
Vineyard: Kerem Ben Zimra |  Alc. Vol.: 12% |  Grapes: 100% Chardonnay
Winemaker notes: Chardonnay 2007 is a single vineyard wine harvested from a chosen vineyard located in Kerem Ben-Zimra. The grapes were handpicked at night and immediately transferred to the winery to make sure the unique aroma is preserved. Golden in color, on the nose hints of delicate oak, peach and vanilla. Full intense body. The wine is elegant and rich.
Harvest: 2007 was marked by the upheaval of early heat wave climate and unpredictable. Thanks to the unique location of the vineyard, in height, not hurt the ripening of the grapesripening and reached a good level of quality in September. Late harvest wine produced a quality wine complex tastes.
Fermentation and Maturation: The wine was fermented in oak barrels, over melolactic fermentation and long contact with yeast, aged in barrel for 12 months before barreled.
Wild Red 2009
Vineyard: Kerem Ben Zimra |  Alc. Vol.: 13% |  Grapes: 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 37% Merlot
Winemaker notes: Eden WildRed 2009 offers a distinctive flavor profile. The rich fruit-focused style and bold tennins define the beauty and intensity coming from the unique Ben-ZImra region of the Galilee.
Harvest: 2009 Harvest characterized in a short winter and few rains. Thanks to late rain and hot June there was an early ripe with low yields in high quality. Grapes harvested in optimized characteristics.
Fermentation and Maturation: A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot passed before mixing individualized treatment. The fermentation was done in open fermenters following aging of 28 months in barrels American and French oak barrels.
Wild Rose 2010
Vineyard: Kerem Safsufa |  Alc. Vol.: 12% |  Grapes: 100% Cabernet Franc
Winemaker notes: WildRose 2010 is a single vineyard wine harvested from a chosen vineyard located in Safsufa vineyard in the Galilee. The grapes were gently squeezed and the fresh juice was immediately transferred into the fermenting tanks. The wine has exciting pink color, aroma of wild rose, strawberry and a hint of fresh lime. It is a beautiful balanced wine with a light body and pleasant presence. Fruity and perfumed finished.
Honey Sherry

Honey Sherry is the result of the creation of a combination of excellent raw materials, knowledge, practice and patience. Fermented in French oak barrels, aged for three years in the barrel using the tonnage - in contact with yeast. This method softens the wine and adds a flavor of butter and walnut. At the end of this period fine brandy and honey were added. On the nose aromas of vanilla and nuts, vanilla flavor in your mouth, balanced acidity.
Serve: Serve chilled, excellent aperitif, assorted with salty appetizers or quality cheese.
Fume Blanc 2010
Limited Edition
Vineyard: Kerem Ben Zimra |  Alc. Vol.: 12% |  Grapes: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Winemaker notes: Fumē Blanc 2010 is a single vineyard wine harvested from a chosen vineyard located in Kerem Ben-Zimra. The unique manner of wine making – barrel fermentation and aging with a long yeast contact gave a unique aroma of orange blossom and jasmine rich taste of pineapple with a touch of nutmeg and vanilla. The wine is round and has a long elegant finish
Our story
Eden is a boutique winery located in Tirat-Yehuda. It was founded by Eyal and Dana as its name stems from a combinations of their names:
DaNa Eyal Elipaz

Eyal, the winemaker, studied in the university of Adelaide in Australia and has a Graduate Diploma in Oenology. After experiencing in wineries worldwide Eyal and Dana established their own boutique winery where Eyal can express his unique taste and knowledge in wine making.
The grapes are handpicked from chosen regions in Kerem Ben-Zimra area which is known wine region for its vine quality.
As of today the winery produces 5000 bottles a years and the wine sold in chosen restaurants and wine stores throughout the country.
Sale and wine tasting in ‘Sod Hayain’ shop in Tirat Yehuda. By appointment
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